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edscope is a comprehensive augmented reality solution for interactive, experiential & engaged learning. The content library covers Curriculum, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) concepts, Cognitive & Life Skills.



3D digital content is overlaid on real-world space to give an immersive experience.


Touch, feel and interact with the 3D content.


Experimental assessments, activities-driven content to enhance cognitive and life skills, virtual labs.


Educators, teachers & parents can bring their creativity to life by publishing their content on this platform.


Holistic development

Extensive coverage of the curriculum, STEM-based content, cognitive and life skills results in the holistic development of students.

Learning anytime & anywhere

It offers portable and less expensive learning platform thereby making it easily accessible and mobile.

Long-lasting learning

Experiential & immersive learning content helps retain knowledge for longer duration and develop fundamental concepts.

Maximum efficiency & productivity

Do not require any special setup or hardware to access the content. No special training required for running the content.

Collaborative & ever-growing content

Teachers can become Global Educators by launching their lesson plans & ideas on our platform.

Improved Motivation & higher Engagement

Interactive, gamified AR learning can have a significant positive impact on students. It keeps them engaged throughout the lesson and makes learning fun and effortless.

Bring out your creative side and become a
Global Educator !


Excellent app for students; full of interactive & activity driven content.

Jaydeb kar
Vidhya Bhavan, Indore

Very good app. It would help in experiential learning.

Shayanee Banerjee
KIS, Gandhinagar

Amazing app. Edscope will help students to learn complex topics with ease.

Shyam Agrawal
SPS, Indore

Excellent 3d and amazing AR method of teaching, if I had this learning experience in my school days, I would have achieved my dream of becoming a lecturer

Anurag Jain
Vice President,
Bajaj Capital

Edscope learning app is one of the best overall holistic educational app which acts as a stepping stone for building concepts of students in a realistic and facilitative environment for ensuring immersion of required knowledge and skills.

Harpreet Anand
Head HR & Marketing,
India Post Payments Bank

It is a really good application which any one can download for free and learn from it. My son uses it for solving some math problems. Also it has that AR & 3d feature which no one offers & it’s a different learning experience for my son altogether. Most importantly the content of the app is extraordinary. It doesn't take time to load & the user interface is very good and user friendly after it is loaded once. It’s a great product for children!

Sachin Guha
Plant Manager,

This holistic learning app allows every parent to closely monitor their child’s progress and guide them when required. It provides an enormous amount of support to any student to understand the concepts in an easier manner while they are away from their classroom in a fascinating way. So it was a very good experience for me & my son using Edscope. I recommend every parent must try it as well

Dr. Ashish Agrawal
Sr. General Physician

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